Adversity? For this year’s Sharks team, this is nothing

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There is so much that has been done, not done, said and not said, and along the way, the fans of a team like The Sharks justifiably feel heartbroken, hurt and in desperate need for answers. "I could ramble off a list of excuses that would read like a horror story for any management team, but that is not what this letter is about.

The Eels need to begin with intensity, and they play best from in front. The Sharks seem to thrive on adversity – they’ll battle to the 80th minute and being behind on the scoreboard rarely seems to affect their play. With players returning from injury, this is a strong Sharks team.

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The Sharks showed some of those growing pains when they suffered a 1-0 loss against the John F. Kennedy Islanders on March 30 to start the season, but it’s nothing to worry about this early.

 · Habs begin new year dealing with adversity and swirling trade rumours The Canadiens practised Monday in preparation for Tuesday’s home game against the San jose sharks. pat Hickey, Montreal Gazette

Tom Crean: "I’ve never coached a team with this lack of maturity when they face adversity" after 5th loss in 6 games ( submitted 2 years ago by Iowa Hawkeyes / Big East karter0 114 comments

Someone is going to beat this team and plant the seed of doubt in their collective minds. That is the task for the San Jose Sharks on Saturday night.. a team must clear at this time of the year.

There’s nothing to really save it for." The Sharks have games in hand on every team they’re chasing in the Pacific.. some adversity, and we’re still right there.. both were with the.

SAN JOSE – In terms of adversity, this is nothing. For a Sharks team that’s already stared down three elimination games, being tied 2-2 in their second round series with the Colorado Avalanche – and having home ice advantage at the moment – isn’t a bad place to be compared to where they were just two weeks ago against the Vegas Golden Knights.