Box Elder Bugs Facts, Information, & Control

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Proudly serving the greater Chicagoland area in Illinois and southeast Wisconsin, the professional exterminators at Aerex pest control understand the habits of boxelder bugs and use that knowledge when developing a boxelder bug control program that is best suited to your home and your particular problem. Our technicians are professional, state.

Boisea trivittata commonly known as the boxelder bug is a North American insect named after its primary host, the boxelder tree.. Wherever you may find boxelder trees, from eastern Canada throughout the eastern United States; the bugs are likely to be there too.

Boxelder Bug Facts, Identification, and Control in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Family: Rhopalidae (scentless true bugs) Species: Boisea trivittata Appearance. Size: inch long fully grown; nymphs are around 1.3 mm long Color: Black wing covers, upper body, legs, and antennae, with three bright red or orange striped markings running along the head, body, and wing tips in a vaguely.

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Box-elder bugs mostly eat box-elder and maple tree seeds that drop in the spring. Box-elder bugs will eat the seeds in any season. If you’re vigilant about raking and disposing of the seeds each spring, you can reduce the number of box-elder bugs that flock to your property.

Boxelder Bugs On White Background If you have boxelder bugs on your Long Island, NYC or your 5 boroughs property, give Arrow. Eastern boxelder bug (Boisea trivittata) on a white background. The box-elder bug (Lcptocoris trivittatns] is a common species throughout the Mississippi Valley and Great Plains, where it is a serious enemy .

boxelder bugs quick facts Get their common name from the fact that they are most often found on or near boxelder trees Native to the western United States, but can be found wherever boxelder.

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