Colorado lawmaker resigns over unspecified allegations

DENVER — A Colorado state lawmaker has resigned following what she calls false allegations against her. The Denver Post reports that Rep. Rochelle Galindo announced she is resigning in a.

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Obhof: House, Senate Sending Strong Message That Allegations Are Taken Seriously. Chief of Staff for Senate Democrats Mike Premo also resigned due to unspecified "inappropriate conduct.". Lawmaker Resigns Over "Inappropriate Conduct" Inside His Office.

Colorado lawmaker resigns over unspecified allegations. DENVER. A Colorado state lawmaker has resigned following what she calls false allegations towards her. The Denver Submit studies that Rep. Rochelle Galindo announced she is resigning in a press release sent to the newspaper Sunday.

By JULIE CARR SMYTHAssociated PressCOLUMBUS — The second Ohio state lawmaker in a month resigned Wednesday amid allegations of inappropriate behavior.First-term Republican state Rep. Wes Goodm

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Under threat of recall, Colorado lawmaker Galindo resigns her seat In a stunning announcement, state rep. rochelle Galindo, the Greeley Democrat facing a campaign to recall her from office, said she is resigning from the legislature, citing unspecified allegations against her.

The mayor of Philadelphia says Police Commissioner Richard Ross is resigning over new allegations made. The mayor said an unspecified independent entity will investigate the recent allegations and.

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Colorado Rep. steve lebsock expelled over sexual misconduct allegations. Lebsock is the nation’s second state lawmaker kicked out for such misconduct since the rise of the #MeToo movement.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on his state's $1 billion in marijuana revenue Colorado lawmaker resigns over unspecified allegations The Associated Press. colorado state lawmaker resigns following what she calls false allegations against her without providing details.

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