Labanc on Sharks’ win: ‘It’s definitely one of the best comebacks of my career’

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The Best Comebacks of 2017.. but also became one of the best performers of the year with a. drawing together highlights from across Lynch’s multi-decade career and splicing them into one.

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One bad call doesn’t mean you forget how to kill a penalty. Labanc lit them up for four points. Labanc is a solid NHL player, but he isn’t a superstar. In his career he’s played another 65 minutes of PP time in the playoffs and has four points. In the regular season he has 39 career playoff points in 425 minutes.

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Labanc on Sharks’ win: ‘It’s definitely one of the best comebacks of my career’ Staten Islander says the team rallied around injured captain. 3 mos ago + By Staten Island Advance Sports Desk

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The Sharks are facing not only the end of their season on Tuesday but, possibly, the end of an era, too. "When you get to this point, you can see the finish line," goalie Martin Jones said.