Police End Landfill Search For Kelsey Berreth’s Remains

Colorado police announced Wednesday that they are discontinuing an almost two-month-long landfill search for the remains of Kelsey Berreth, who police say was killed by her fiancé, Patrick Frazee. The woodland park police Department began its search on February 25, excavating a deep plot at Midway Landfill in the city of Fountain.

FOUNTAIN, Colo. – Police could be searching the Midway landfill near Fountain for several months as they work to recover the remains of Woodland park mother kelsey Berreth. Investigators confirmed to.

The nearly two-month-long search in a landfill for the remains of Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth, who was allegedly killed by her fianc, has ended with no human remains being found. Woodland Park Police announced in a news release on Wednesday that no evidence related to Berreth’s death turned up.

The search for Kelsey Berreth could expand to a landfill near Fountain, a daunting task for investigators nearly two months after the woodland park woman vanished. Woodland Police Department. When.

Kelsey Berreth’s fiancé, Patrick Frazee, is being held for her murder, despite her remains having not been found. CBS Denver.

Officials on Tuesday began combing through a Colorado landfill where they hope to find the charred remains of Kelsey. The search is likely to take about 35 days, but could last up to 80 days, KDVR.

It may sound like an impossible task: searching a quarter-acre of a landfill for charred, decomposed human remains three months after a person was last seen alive. But searchers are hopeful that they.

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Colorado authorities are planning to begin the unsettling task Tuesday morning of digging through a landfill for Kelsey Berreth’s remains and other possible evidence in the missing mom’s case, sources.

Police officials in Colorado said they ended a search in a landfill for Kelsey Berreth’s burned body without finding her remains. "This is not the outcome that we had hoped for, but we knew going into this search that there was a chance we would not locate Kelsey or evidence related to her disappearance," Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young said in a statement.

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How investigators will search landfill for Kelsey Berreth’s remains Woman’s fiancee accused of murdering her.. This is what we know from Woodland Park police about the search, plus additional.

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