Red Flag Laws and Individual Rights

 · Red Flag laws trample all over our Constitutional rights. If it sounds to you like Red Flag laws are actually the imposition of “pre-crime” policies, you’re right. If they sound unconstitutional to you, you’re also right. Red Flag laws violate at least three Amendments to the US Constitution – the First, Second, and Fourth.

 · "A Yellow Light for Red-Flag Laws By Alan M. Dershowitz President Trump’s proposal to "red flag" potential mass shooters is well-intentioned. If we could prevent even one mass killing by identifying and disarming the potential perpetrator beforehand, it would be worthwhile.

 · Dana Loesch isn’t necessarily against red-flag laws, but they need a lot of work to respect citizens’ rights. Dana Loesch lays out some concerns over red flag’ laws and due process

 · ”Ohio lawmakers should reject any so-called red flag’ law because they are a veiled attempt to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. Red Flag’ gun-confiscation laws violate the 2nd Amendment and due process protections laid out in our Bill of Rights,” he told The Ohio Star.

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On the surface, red flag’ laws appear reasonable. When a person exhibits warning signs they are an extreme danger to themselves and others, the best course of action is to intervene by taking away.

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Oregon’s red flag law requires a fairly simple process. The first step is for a concerned family member, household member, or law enforcement officer to ask the court for an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO), which will remove a weapon, or a concealed handgun license, from an individual who is at risk for suicide or is a danger to others.

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 · (New York already had a law denying gun permits to people reported by mental health professionals to be a danger to themselves or others.) Nevada and Hawaii have also approved red flag laws this year.

But it has raised concerns among gun-rights advocates, with good reason. Red flag laws, if not properly drafted. evidence.

Judges in some states can revoke gun rights given red flags on social media.. Red flag laws generally require police or acquaintances of a potentially dangerous individual to file a petition.

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