Surprise! A solution to surprise medical bills signed into law

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A solution to surprise medical bills signed into law colorado patients, long a target of surprise medical billing practices, find protection in a law that was signed by the Governor Tuesday.

In the absence of governing state or federal law, when an insured individual receives care from an out-of-network provider, the insurer pays the lower contracted in-network rate and the out-of-network provider then bills the patient for the remaining balance, resulting in a practice known as surprise medical billing or balance billing.

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Yesterday Gov. Abbott signed SB 507 into law, improving consumer protections related to surprise medical billing.. Surprise out-of-network medical bills, sometimes called "balance bills," happen when insurers and doctors fighting over prices jointly pass the buck to a patient who received out-of-network care unknowingly.

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One point drew clear agreement Tuesday during a House subcommittee hearing: When it comes to the problem of surprise medical bills, the solution must protect patients – not demand that they be.

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First and foremost, the Surprise Bills Law protects consumers from surprise bills for emergency medical services. Consumers who receive emergency services will not have to pay more than their usual in-network cost sharing and/or co-payments, regardless of the network status of the providers.

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From KERA: For patients visiting emergency rooms in Texas, surprise medical bills are common. In 2009, the Texas Legislature developed a mediation system for these hefty bills, but it was limited. Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a new law aimed at improving the system and expanding consumer protection.

Florida is now the second state behind New York to shield consumers from expensive surprise medical bills, as Governor Rick Scott today signed into law legislation that would protect patients from.